Pomodoro in the County

Primi Piattini

Zuppa del Giorno  $8

Insalata Mista  $10

Heritage greens, farro shaved vegetables, pickled beets, house cider vinaigrette

Caesar Salad  $10

Housemade garlic dressing, parmesan, 

crispy bacon and croutons

Portobello Fries $12  V

Panko breaded with Italian seasoning tossed with Reggiano smoked paprika cheddar dip

Board  $18

Chef’s selection of cured meats, pate, house made pickles and preserves

Jalapeno Ravioli Nachos  $14

Lightly breaded, cheddar, scallions, olives, hot peppers, red and white sauces

Arancini  $12

Wild & tame mushrooms, parmesan, spicy arrabbiata sauce

Frutti di Mare

Calamari Fritti  $14  V

Lightly dusted with rice flour, served

with smoked marinara

Shrimp Gratin  $16  G

Prepared in a garlic butter white wine sauce, melted under our three cheese blend

Perch Bites  $15

Lightly dusted, served with smoked 

jalapeño & lime

Copping  $26

Fish & seafood, fennel, potato, light tomato wine broth


Spaghetti & Polpette $20

Meatballs tossed in our Pomodoro sauce garnished with herbs & parmesan

Southern Fried Chicken Parmesan  $25

Buttermilk marinated & breaded, roasted herry tomato & baby mozzarella, polenta fries & coleslaw

Smoked Egg Plant Parmigiana Stack  $22

Polenta, provolone, roasted red pepper sauce with garlic rapini

Gnocchi Pan Seared  $20

Mushroom fricassee in a white truffle cream with wilted greens

add double smoked bacon  $4

Gemelli Prima Vera  $18

Vegetables, pesto, wine, olive oil

Beef Ribs  $26

Braised in red wine, roasted smoked jalapeño & lime

Linguine  $25

Shrimp, scallop, spinach, wine & roasted pepper cream

Hand Rolled Cannelloni  $26

County Beer Co. braised beef brisket, caramelized onions, mushrooms, smoked marinara, gorgonzola cream

Gnocchi  $18

Pomodoro with cheese

add chicken  $8

          Gluten Free Pasta Available other dishes are  G GLUTEN FREE V VEGETARIAN or can be made, 

                                                Please advise your server.

Hours of Operation    Friday to Tuesday 5:00pm to 9:00pm